CD Tryk, Banner Print, Tshirt Tryk, Plektre Print, Print på Trommeskind, Vinyl Tryk, Keyhangers og Festival Armbånd med tryk og Meget Mere!


It is Soundcenter’s goal to be your “one-stop” supplier of merchandise and media production for your band or event. We have a wide range of products, so regardless if you are a musician or an event manager, we have a solution that suits your needs.



Today, many musicians are very good at promoting their music. This is essential, since bands are often without a label or management. That is why Soundcenter wants to make merchandise and medie production as accessible and easy as possible, so you as a musician can focus on your music and promotion. We will advise and assist you throughout the process.

As a musician or event manager you will often find yourself in a situation where you have to take care of a lot of practical things by yourself. With all this work, it is easy to lose focus on the importance of having merchandise and other promoting materials on stock. Merchandise and physical media sold at live shows is the best income source for musicians today.

At Soundcenter we tailor a solution for you and guarantee quality products at the best prices on the market.


Souncenter’s web shop is set up with all the products and an easy payment gateway that accepts major cards.



When you cooperate with Soundcenter you will no longer struggle to find a good supplier at the right prices. We know that the demand for high quality at the right price is beyond important for all musicians. That is why we at Soundcenter never compromise the quality. We have a set of minimum requirements for our products which we know from experience matches the expectations you as a musician or event manager have.



If you have comments or suggestions for improvements, we would really appreciate hearing from you!